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Tank Testing

We have been involved in the Petroleum industry carrying out installation and servicing of fuel Systems, including Pumps, Tanks and pipelines since 1990.  We have now extended our business offer to include Tank Testing, Pipeline Testing as well as Vapour Recovery Testing.



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The Petro-Tite unit has long been established as a market leading Hydrostatic testing solution for pipelines installed at Service Stations and industrial facilities across the USA. This self contained unit allows for testing pipeline and leak detection equipment quickly and effortlessly exceeding all EPA requirements. Since the addition of the ALERT tank testing system, Best Western Petroleum Services has been able to provide a world class tank testing system to all of its customers. The ALERT Tank Testing equipment is one of the only systems capable of detecting water ingress into Ethanol fuels, allowing operators to potentially detect issues BEFORE phase separation occurs.


Line Testing The Petro-Tite line tester was the first line tester to be certified to meet the EPA requirements, since then the Petro Tite line tester has been used to locate leaks as small as 0.03 liters per hour. The safe hydrostatic test method allows the technician to use any fuel or other liquids already in the line at the time of the test, allowing for quick and easy testing of the pipeline. The Petro-Tite line tester is a hydrostatic precision pipeline testing system. In addition to being accurate, the speed of the test allows the test technician to achieve a true volumetric measure of the line being tested in as little as 30 minutes. The self contained unit allows testing of the line and leak detection equipment with one piece of equipment. With the additional manifold system the trained test technician is capable of testing 3 lines at one time, saving time and money. The Petro-Tite line tester can be modified to test chemical pipelines as well as larger hydrant pipelines. More people depend on this method every day worldwide than any other EPA Certified line test equipment.


Tank Testing The Alert Tank Testing System is the most comprehensive and reliable combination for the testing of both the wet and dry portions of the storage tank system. The Ullage system is by far the most comprehensive non-volumetric tank test solution. The equipment allows users to test tanks up to and including 113,500 liters with either pressure or vacuum, no other system available on the market can offer such flexibility. In addition to the standard Ullage test the ALERT Ullage equipment can be used as a complete non-volumetric tank test in its own right, allowing the entire storage tank to be tested with as little as 5 minutes of recorded data. The Under fill equipment allows for operators to test a wide range of liquids using the anodized aluminum probes. The ALERT system has one of the largest approvals available for small to medium UST’s being able to test over 272,500 liters. Its unique mass measurement system ensures that you will not miss that critical water ingress, potentially causing disastrous phase separation issues.


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